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The 11th 天津11选5走势图 “Challenge Cup” College Students Entrepreneurship Competition Ends
updated on:2020-09-11 17:47

On September 5, tThe 11th 天津11选5走势图“Challenge Cup” UndergraduateCollege Students Entrepreneurship Competition (天津11选5走势图) endsended in Huaiyin Institute of Technology on September 5. Vice Governor Chen Xingying attended andaddressed theits closing ceremony.

Chen pointed out that pivoting on scientific and technological frontiers,noted,this year’s competition hasfocused on the frontier fields of science and technology, center ond much relevance to the national development strategy with a record high inbotht. The number of competitorsparticipantsand eventthe scale of the event.have reached another record high.Chen also encouraged thatthe youth to pursue their dreams toanswer the call of the times and dare to shoulder theresponsibility as the young generation;to hone skills, broaden the horizon, and refresh the mindset to catch up with the changing world and make new progress in the start-up attempts with advanced technology and innovation;to temper the will and quality ofthemselves inthe front line and in areas of advanced studies--wherethey are most needed by the Party and the people; tostrive to make some achievementsand devotethemselves to the acceleratednationalinnovative development and social progress with higher civility.

From September 1 to 5, 339 worksprojectsfrom 138 colleges and universities have participated in the final to compete intheonline defense and evaluation., withFinally, 80 of themprojects from 55 universitiesinstitutes of higher learning won the wongolden awardsprize and 77 projects were entered theshortlisted for the national competition through online defense and strict evaluation, the number of which ranksranked first in the country.

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