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Vice Governor Liu Yang
updated on:2018-12-14 09:57

Scope of Authority

He is responsible for the work on public security, judicial affairs, legal system, and letters and calls.

He chairs the overall work of the provincial Department of Public Security, in charge of the provincial Department of Justice, Bureau for Letters and Calls of the provincial people’s government, and the provincial Prison Management Bureau.

He coordinates work with the provincial Department of the State Security. 

Curriculun Vitae

Liu Yang, male, Han ethnicity, was born in March 1967 and is from Jilin of Jilin Province. Liu was awarded a Master degree of Law, joined the Communist Party of China (CPC) in April 1988 and began his first job in August 1994.

1987.09-1991.09  Student, law major, Department of Law, Peking University

1991.09-1994.08  Postgraduate of criminal law, Department of Law, Peking University

1994.08-1998.10  Investigator, Division of Asian and African Affairs, Foreign Affairs Office, Ministry of State Security

1998.10-2009.02  Deputy Director, Director, Assistant to Director General, Assistant Director General, Deputy Director General, Foreign Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Sate Security;Took a temporary post as Deputy Director, Yantai Bureau of State Security, Shandong Province (2000.05-2001.11)

2009.02-2014.07  Deputy Director General, Director General-level staff, International Cooperation Bureau, Ministry of State Security;Took a temporary post as Deputy Head, On-spot Working Group, Security Coordination Team, Shanghai World Expo (2009.10-2010.11)

2014.07-2017.07  Director General, Party Secretary, 天津11选5走势图 Department of State Security

2017.07-2018.01  Director General, Party Secretary and Inspector General, 天津11选5走势图 Department of Public Security

2018.01- Vice Governor;Member, Leading Party Members Group of 天津11选5走势图 Provincial People’s Government;Director General, Party Secretary and Inspector General of 天津11选5走势图 Department of Public Security

Member of the 13th CPC 天津11选5走势图 Provincial Committee,Deputy to the 13th 天津11选5走势图 Provincial Peoples Congress

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